New Media and E-Commerce Law

Navigating Legal Challenges in the Digital Age

Comprehensive Legal Services for Digital and E-Commerce Businesses

We deal with numerous emerging and evolving legal issues related to cyberspace, new media, and e-commerce. Our firm provides expert legal guidance and support to help you navigate the complexities of digital and online business environments. Our services cover a broad range of areas to ensure your digital business operates smoothly and within the bounds of the law.

Protect Your Business and Assets with Proven Legal Expertise.

Our services are transparent, efficient, and tailored specifically to each client’s needs. We don’t handle cookie cutter cases—most of our work involves complex and often novel claims, defenses, and legal issues. We value our integrity and the honest analysis of the facts and law. We develop practical solutions aimed at settling matters before making significant investments in the case. If that is not possible, however, then we vigorously and strategically advance our clients’ interests and artfully present their cases at trial to maximize the best possible outcomes.

Our Firm’s New Media and E-Commerce Services Include:


Copyrights and DMCA Compliance

Protecting your intellectual property is crucial in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. We assist clients in understanding and complying with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to safeguard their copyrights online. Our services include registering copyrights, managing DMCA takedown requests, and advising on digital rights management.

  • DMCA Compliance: Helping clients comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.
  • Copyright Protection: Registering and protecting digital copyrights.
  • Takedown Requests: Managing DMCA takedown requests to remove infringing content.

Domain Names and Trademarks

Securing and protecting your brand online is vital for any e-commerce business. We offer services to register and enforce domain names and trademarks, ensuring your brand identity remains secure. Our expertise includes handling domain disputes and advising on trademark registrations.

  • Domain Registration: Assisting with the registration and protection of domain names.
  • Trademark Enforcement: Enforcing trademarks to protect brand identity.
  • Domain Disputes: Resolving disputes related to domain names.

E-Commerce Transactions and Agreements

Smooth and secure e-commerce transactions are the backbone of online businesses. We provide legal support for drafting and reviewing e-commerce agreements, including terms of use, online agreements, and software license agreements. Our goal is to ensure your transactions are legally sound and protected.

  • Terms of Use: Drafting comprehensive terms of use for e-commerce websites.
  • Online Agreements: Creating and reviewing online agreements for digital transactions.
  • License Agreements: Drafting software license agreements to protect your digital products.

Privacy Law and Policies

Maintaining customer trust through robust privacy policies is essential. We help clients develop and implement privacy policies that comply with relevant privacy laws. Our services include advising on data protection strategies and ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

  • Privacy Policies: Develop privacy policies that comply with privacy laws.
  • Data Protection: Advising on data protection strategies to safeguard customer information.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring compliance with regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Software and Web Development Agreements

Creating clear and enforceable agreements for software and web development projects is key to avoiding disputes. We draft and negotiate development agreements that define the scope, deliverables, and intellectual property rights, ensuring all parties are aligned.

  • Development Agreements: Drafting agreements for software and web development projects.
  • Scope and Deliverables: Clearly define the scope and deliverables in agreements.
  • IP Rights: Ensuring proper assignment and protection of intellectual property rights.

Content Clearances and Internet Advertising

Navigating the legalities of content use and online advertising requires expertise. We provide legal advice on content clearances, licensing, and fair use. Additionally, we assist with the legal aspects of Internet advertising, ensuring your campaigns comply with advertising laws and regulations.

  • Content Clearances: Advising on content clearances and licensing.
  • Fair Use: Providing guidance on fair use and public domain content.
  • Advertising Compliance: Ensuring internet advertising campaigns comply with legal regulations.

Acquisitions and Sales of Internet Businesses

Buying or selling an internet business involves complex legal considerations. We guide clients through the acquisition or sale process, ensuring all legal aspects are covered. Our services include due diligence, contract negotiation, and regulatory compliance.

  • Business Acquisitions: Guiding clients through the acquisition process of Internet businesses.
  • Sales Transactions: Assisting with the sale of digital businesses.
  • Due Diligence: Conducting thorough due diligence for acquisitions and sales.

Our expertise in New Media and E-Commerce Law ensures that your digital business can navigate the legal landscape with confidence, protecting your interests and promoting your growth.