Leagle Services Overview

Comprehensive Legal Services within California State federal courts and in private arbitrations.

Comprehensive Legal Representation for Businesses

Aggressive Advocacy in California Courts

The Law Office of Shanen R. Prout advocates aggressively for its clients before California state and federal courts and in private arbitrations. We handle disputes throughout all phases of their life cycle: from pre-filing investigations and negotiation into provisional remedies to the deep development of intricate facts, into law and motion practice and case management matters, often to summary judgment and settlement, and—when necessary—through verdict at trial or arbitration decision, and into post-trial motions and judgment collection proceedings. We routinely litigate against much larger law firms and insurance defense counsel, providing our clients with an agile and assertive platform to advance their interests and secure the best possible outcomes. We know how to “punch above our weight.”

Tailored Strategies for Unique Legal Challenges

Through our involvement in many dozens of often contentious cases and deals, we have learned that every business and legal matter presents its own unique set of facts and concerns. There are often numerous factors to consider behind the scenes. The varying dynamics of each matter require innovative analysis and strategy—there is really no “one size fits all” approach to effectively advancing a client’s interests. This is particularly true as the amount of money, witnesses, and evidence involved grows. The best lawyers think “outside the box” and identify what is at stake, whether legal, financial, emotional, or otherwise. Some matters call for an attorney to act more as a dealmaker and conciliator; others require an attorney to litigate assertively to leverage a client’s objectives. Some matters require a relentless focus on a single pressing issue; others demand that an attorney see the bigger picture and recognize that the allegations in a complaint are only part of the story.

Proactive Legal Solutions and Preventative Counseling

Even though we fight hard for our clients, we spend much of our time assisting them in avoiding legal problems from the outset through counseling, contract drafting and management, and auditing our clients’ policies, practices, and intellectual property portfolios. When a dispute does arise, our aim is to resolve it quickly with as little disruption to our client’s business and as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

Clear Communication and Client Involvement

At the Law Office of Shanen R. Prout, we believe that good lawyers communicate complex legal issues to their clients in ways they can understand and respond to interactively. We listen to our clients and work to keep them involved in their cases. We understand that clients need to know the alternatives available to resolve a dispute and need honest, objective analysis of potential outcomes. Our approach to lawyering enables us to efficiently provide creative, flexible problem-solving tailored to each client’s needs, making our potential clients feel informed and involved.

Protect Your Business and Assets with Proven Legal Expertise.

Our services are transparent, efficient, and tailored specifically to each client’s needs. We don’t handle cookie cutter cases—most of our work involves complex and often novel claims, defenses, and legal issues. We value our integrity and the honest analysis of the facts and law. We develop practical solutions aimed at settling matters before making significant investments in the case. If that is not possible, however, then we vigorously and strategically advance our clients’ interests and artfully present their cases at trial to maximize the best possible outcomes.

A Message About Legal Fees

Our office delivers comprehensive legal services and brings to bear the necessary resources required for the needs of our clients. We can do so for very competitive fees for the Los Angeles legal market. While most lawyers will only provide their services on an hourly basis, significantly the more prominent the law firm, we believe our clients are better served by discussing work on alternative fee models: blended, flat, capped, contingency (percentage of recovery from settlement or judgment), equity, sliding scale, and/or hybrid fee systems, where appropriate for the client and our firm. Most of our work is still performed by the hour, but we are open to discussing other ways to align the firm’s and your needs best.

We strive to provide our clients with exceptional services, achieve desired results, and build long-term relationships that grow beyond merely being a member of their business teams. We believe that healthy compensation should flow from providing client-centric services. We aim to give our clients reasons to retain and keep us around. Having our clients like and respect us is central to healthy relationships. Though we work hard to bring value to our client’s operations and growth plans, we also relish time spent learning about their backgrounds and sharing life stories, goals, and experiences.

Clients Say

We are proud to share the experiences of our valued clients. Their testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence, dedication, and exceptional legal service.

Last year, Shanen and I were working on an assignment to domesticate a sister-state judgement with the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles and, thereafter, enforcement of the judgment. Shanen was frank and friendly. We exchanged and shared legal knowledge. The debt, under hot pursuit, was fully recovered. Shanen knew the CCP rules well. Currently, Shanen and I were working on another litigation case. I hope to continue working with Shanen into another area of laws in the years ahead.
Oliver Lin

I am quite impressed with Shanen Prout as a copyright attorney. His knowledge is well versed and was right what I needed. His personalized service is ideal and bar none. I so appreciate how he came to the table for me to make things come together and wanted the best outcome for me and others involved. I completely recommend Law Office of Shanen R Prout!
Veronica Brooks