California’s Newest Threat to Out-of-State Businesses [UPDATE]

On July 22, we wrote about California Senate Bill 1241 and its potential impact on foreign businesses operating in California.  In modified form, SB 1241 became law on September 25, 2016.  It adds Section 925 to the California Labor Code. SB 1241 does two things: (1) […]

Is There Still a Public Domain in Copyright Law?

(c) 2012.  Shanen R. Prout.  All rights reserved. In January 2012, the United States Supreme Court held that certain original works of authorship that enter the public domain can have their copyrights restored.  The case is Golan v. Holder, Case No. 10-545 (Jan. 18, […]

Legal Issues Every Artist Should Be Aware Of

(c) 2012.  Shanen R. Prout.  All rights reserved. Registering artwork with the U.S. Copyright Office provides important benefits Copyright registration with the United States Copyright Office is not a condition of copyright protection; however, there are advantages to registering your work, including: Registration establishes […]